foto: Simon van Boxtel 2018

New Method for the Traverso

Nowadays, anyone who wants to learn to play the traverso has little to go on. If you’re lucky, you may bump into a good teacher; if not, you have to figure everything out on your own, because until now a method for the baroque flute with lots of playing materials was not available.

This method will fill that empty space. Starting point is that those who use this book are not musically illiterate. There is plenty of material on offer to start with.

The book contains a large amount of music arranged in a methodical order. The difficulty of the various pieces can sometimes vary: therefore it is not a problem (and maybe even quite tempting) to ‘cherry-pick’ from the book.

The main thread consists of texts by Johann Mattheson on the affects of the various keys. In addition extensive attention is given to the ins and outs of the baroque articulation, which is substantially different to what we as players in the 21st century are accustomed to.

.. an invaluable guide to the playing of the traverso.

Yes, the book is here! I have just played same pieces, and I´m really glad to have it.

Certainly a very needed material to all traverso students!

I like the general tone of the instructions and the extensive examples pickes are very nice to play and give a good overview of the flute music of the baroque period.

Right now your method is well played in Firenze, Venezia and soon Ferrara (by Italian and Japanese students).